Give an ECO Gift

There are some convincing reasons to adopt ‘green’ working practices in your workplace. Simple adaptations to the way we work, like powering down equipment and computers, turning off lights and working as a paperless office can make a big difference to business impact on the planet and can massively reduce our bills for energy and resources.


Going green can also bring a great boost to the PR of your business. There’s a huge number of people that are adopting green ways of living that choose the products and services they buy based on a company’s impact on the environment. Whilst you may still have a way to go before achieving full carbon neutral accreditation, you can still use your green ethos to promote your company by giving a promotional gift that is made from recycled material. Not only are you getting your brand and name out there but the fact that it’s an ECO gift says a lot about your company.

Statistics from the Environment Agency show that each year we produce 55 million scrap tyres in the UK. That’s an incredible amount of rubber that will not degrade naturally. Fortunately these tyres can be used in many products including road surfaces and also promotional gifts like mouse mats and coasters. There are literally hundreds of promotional products that can be made from recycled material, many of which EMC advertising gifts are proud to supply, including – shopping trolley tokens, promotional keyrings and even fun items like kites. Why not view our full range of ECO gifts today?

When considering a promotional gift, why not choose one that shows that you care as much about the environment as you do about your customers.


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