Fun Filled Training

Team building and working as a team is essential for a successful and happy work place. When everyone works together, work is completed quicker and a business will succeed faster. People come and go from work situations, as this is how a business works and you will have a turnover of staff. Remember how intimidating your first day was, having to meet new people and work alongside others that you don’t know.

Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughing

There are lots of fun ways to introduce people to a team and develop a strong team of staff through various skills exercises. Not many people like training days or retreats but you can convince your staff otherwise by making the training sessions as fun as possible. Develop a number of teams ensuring that the departments within your business are mixing so everyone gets to know everyone. Get some printed t-shirts that have the each member of teams name or the company logo on them so that the staff can also take something away from the day.

Charity Football Match – charity football matches allow for both the ladies and the men to get involved as it is a fun activity for all. This allows also for people to show their personalities and you will be surprised to the competitive side in people appear from who you least expect it! If the weather is pleasant organise a staff BBQ while the football tournament is ongoing. Food and the outdoors encourage people to talk to each other and get to know each other, as well as having fun.

Involve the Families – by hosting different events in the office or the workplace where you involve your employees families directly. Try hosting trick or treating from desk to desk, or office to office dependent on the size of your workplace, which will allow you to introduce your family to other employees and let their children meet and create friendships. Children’s friendships often create many friendships for their parents also.

Provide a Comfortable Environment – your employees are more likely to connect and discuss their job and life’s with each other if they have a comfortable, laid back room to do so. Make sure your staff room has drink facilities and basic cooking equipment so they do not feel like they have to leave the office. Check out our promotional mugs so your staff won’t have to supply their own cups to drink out of. Also by ensuring you have comfy furniture and entertainment such as a radio, this will provide talking points and create a relaxed atmosphere where people will be happy to talk.

Small changes make large improvements. Attention to detail is essential and if you are unsure of what activities or changes to make to encourage team building and team work, ask your employees as they will know best, and they will in affect be working as a team with you too.


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