How Free Products Can Make You Money

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Free promotional gifts are incredibly popular, and it’s easy to see why. While common (and business) sense tells you that you should charge for your products in order to make money and that giving something away for free is counter-intuitive, the truth is that free can be incredibly powerful.

Promotional giveaways offer a wealth of advantages that you can take advantage of, and which can even help you to make money:

You’re Making a Good First Impression

When you give away something for free, you are promoting your brand, your company and your products to your target audience. You are also making a great first impression. People love getting free stuff, so they’ll create positive associations between the freebie and your brand.

Your customers are also likely to spread the word after receiving a freebie, especially if it’s something of value to them. This doesn’t mean it needs to be something expensive; it simply refers to something practical that can be used often.

In addition, besides providing a great first impression, freebies also offer a long-lasting one.

You’re Building Your Client List

Offering freebies can help you to attract people’s attentions and, what’s even better, to keep them. This way, you can build or expand a base of loyal customers that will continue to purchase products and services from you.

You are, essentially, developing and maintaining a customer-business relationship that will bear fruits in the future.

You’re Creating Future Purchases

You can’t run a business just by giving away free things… however, you can use them to promote your brand and direct customers towards products they can actually purchase. Whether you give away pens, mugs or T-shirts, you can add your branding to them with your contact information; the result is that more people are likely to remember you when they want a product just like the one you sell.

Therefore, free promotional gifts help you to generate new leads and sales.

You’re Marketing Your Business

Free promos can be incredible marketing tools, and so they should be used alongside your marketing campaigns. Promoting your business is crucial to growing an audience, especially because repetition is an efficient way to remember a brand – your customers are exposed to your branded items all the time, especially if they can be used on a daily basis, which helps them to remember your business.

You can also create a buzz around a new product launch, for example, which can help to get the word out there and even increase sales.

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