Should You Focus On Feelings?

The economy is changing rapidly and polarising into two sorts of business; those that offer the cheapest access to a commodity product and those that offer a service (whether providing a product or a consultation).

I realise this simplifies a spectrum of business approaches into two simple categories, but, even two companies selling the exact same product can find themselves in differing models.  So what is the difference?

The commodity item you know you need and you know how to buy without any assistance.  It can be bought from many sources and becomes price sensitive.  These products can be found for sale with small margins on the internet.

The service or serviced route to market is the more consultative approach.  Taking the time to understand an individual requirement and developing a solution that matches that requirement.  Rather than “what is it you want?” the key question is “what is it you want to achieve?”  Product cycle is typically slower and relationships closer with an element of loyalty.

Thirty years ago we held stock in our own factory of around 400 lines and ran these as a catalogue.  The available stock would influence which goods were sold.

In 2017, we offer a service beyond a selection of products.  Our new role is much more sourcing partner.  We are well placed to do this with specialist experience in branding gifts and clothing as well as the logistical and compliance arrangements that go hand in hand with cross-border trade.  Our interest is to ensure that we are providing a well-made product, fit for purpose and suitable to evoke your desired reaction or emotion.

Business Team Working Office Worker Concept

Have you considered how you want to make your team and your clients feel?  Give us a call and let us help you share the feeling!


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