Fidget Spinners – A New Craze

Every generation has experienced their own craze, from the Rubik’s Cube, to Pokémon cards, and even the humble yo-yo. For some reason, kids go crazy for these, often, simple items that end up being banned in the playground. For Generation Z, it looks like the new craze to take schools by storm is the fidget spinner. So, what is it, and why do kids (and plenty of adults) love it so much?

Playing with a Yo-Yo

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner is a simple object, typically made of plastic or metal with weighted bearings that allow spinning for extended periods of time. It really is that simple – the user just holds the centre of the spinner between their thumb and finger and spins the prongs.

The idea is that it provides a great way to stop fidgeting and encourage concentration and focus. These have rocketed to popularity as children start adding them to their wish-lists, but it’s not just the kids that have been fascinated with the fidget spinner.

LED Fidget Spinner

Why are They So Popular?

Kids love crazes. They have been investing in them for generations and remembering them fondly as they grow up. The ‘90’s kids’ can testify to that fact! While fidget spinners are certainly popular with children, this is one craze that seems to have gained popularity with adults as well.

It is interesting to see such a simple device become so popular in an age of iPads, smartphones and Candy Crush. Perhaps it is this complete simplicity that makes them so popular. As we are bombarded with constant stimulation, it can be rather overwhelming when it is necessary to get your head down and give a task your full attention and focus. The simple spinner may be just what is needed to clear the mind and enable concentration.

Fidget Spinner

Why do Fidget Spinners Make Great Promotional Gifts?

Fidget spinners can make excellent promotional gifts for a range of reasons and applications. Firstly, they are incredibly popular so people are curious about them. This is certainly a promotional product that your customer or client would remember.

A branded fidget spinner would be a great option for promoting your business at events such as fresher’s week (and you can choose from many colours). By providing students with an item that is not only designed to help improve focus, but is also incredibly popular, you are almost guaranteed that they will keep and use the item. As they continue to use the item and even take it to lectures, your company name and logo are on display as a constant reminder of your services or products.

Fidget Spinners

While everyone else is using the same promotional gifts as always, why not use something a little different? You can take a look at our range of fidget spinners on our online shop, and if you are interested in putting your logo on this branded gift, why not get a quote?

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