Favourite Toys for Big Kids!

All kids have a favourite toy! Whether it be their favourite wrestling figure, doll, Nerf gun or any of the other incredible toys that exist we all remember which one gave us the most enjoyment when we were children.

As we pass into our teens though, we leave our toys behind and find other ways to enjoy our spare time. However there are certain toys that seem to transcend their recommended age and can entertain kids of any size. In this blog we have put together a list of our favourite 3 toys that can be enjoyed as much when you’re 55 as when you were 5;


A firm favourite with kids for over half a century, these coloured bricks are an essential ingredient in every properly stocked toy box and are great for encouraging creative kids. It is also a favourite for all those adults that like to while away a few hours with their children. If you have ever questioned the enduring appeal of these little interlocking bricks then look no further than the video below to see what incredible things you can build with them;

Rubik’s cube

One of the most difficult ‘children’s’ puzzles out there is undoubtedly the Rubik’s Cube, and has been for more than 40 years now. The likelihood is that most of the Rubik’s Cubes in the world will only be solved once, but it is a great way to enjoy a few hours. If you want to make sure that your Rubik’s cube is solved for a second time then the video below is sure to help, or if you want to treat yourself to a personalised one, check ours out here.


Round the world, walk the dog or maybe even the cat’s cradle, you will surely have heard of some of these classic yoyo tricks, and you may even have mastered some or all of them. One fact that remains true is that this classic toy remains just as good fun well into adulthood. The bad news is you probably won’t get as good as the kid in this video;


No matter which toy has endured the years to keep a place in your heart, there’s sure to be one and we hope you enjoy it as much now as you did years ago.

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