EMC Works on a Superhero Project with Pritt!

At EMC, we are no strangers to turning our hand to some exciting and unusual projects. In fact, we have recently worked on a particularly heroic campaign with the marketing team behind the handy Pritt Stick.

As children up and down the country prepare to go back to school, or even start their first year, we have been busy working on bringing superheroes to life, helping children to face any challenge with the aid of a trusty superhero sidekick.

The back-to-school campaign from Pritt sees new limited-edition glue sticks that feature images of Pritt superheroes. But that’s not all! Working closely with the team, we created a collection of bespoke soft toys, representing the five Pritt superheroes.

EMC Pritt Superheroes

Children who are looking for a sidekick to help them face the challenges of going back to school can win these superheroes, and we are particularly excited to see the campaign unfold!

We had great fun working on this fantastic project.

Perhaps reading about Pritt has ignited your own imagination and enabled you to see how your own company mascot could be brought to life? If so, and you’re working on a campaign that could be taken to the next level with bespoke plush toys, we’d love to hear from you!

We can work with you to build on a simple idea and bring it to life with our creative and innovative promotional products (which you can use to market to a wide audience, including alumni).

If you would like to discuss your upcoming project with us, you can call 020 8492 2200, email enquiries@emcadgifts.co.uk, or fill out our online contact form.

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