Creating a Brand Identity with Style

Clothing is important to everyone; it represents a large amount of how people shape their image and the way in which people view them. Without different clothing, fashion and styles, we would all look very similar, but the clothes that we choose tell a lot about the personal identity that separates us as individuals. Businesses are just groups of people working towards the same goal, so the same is true of them, even just in the medium of uniforms or the casual clothing that your employees are expected to wear.

You can create a more distinct identity for your brand or business by creating your own branded clothing. Here at EMC we can offer you a wide range of promotional T-shirts that will be useful for promoting your business but also for setting out the identity of your business as your branding becomes more deep-rooted.

Choose from the wide range of t-shirts and styles we have available, all of which can be branded with your logo and brand name. We can offer sports shirts, ladies spaghetti tops and racerbacks as well as long sleeve shirts and comfortable t-shirts of many other styles and cuts.

The benefits of promotional products are multi-layered because the initial recipient enjoys being given a gift by your company, which will increase their brand loyalty and then anyone that sees them using the product will be aware of your brand, which works like free advertising space. One of the most effective forms of advertising is peer-recommendation. For example, knowing that your friend enjoyed a film is much more encouraging than seeing an advert for it; a branded t-shirt can work in the same way. If the friends of your customer know that their friend supports your business they will be encouraged to look more favourably on you themselves, so take this opportunity to promote your business in a low cost, rewarding way.

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