Create an Impression All Day Long

Part of the marketing challenge is to create an impression that lasts longer than a few minutes after your business meeting or business event. Promotional gifts are a great way to do that, as the consumer goes home with something representing your company.

But instead of presenting them with something that might just end up in a drawer, we recommend that you give them branded items that they might encounter on a day to day basis. Here are just a few instances where your gifts might come in handy…

time for marketing concept clock


You look at them every day – whether it’s on your bedside table or on your desk at work. We’re all guilty of clock watching throughout the day, so this is the perfect opportunity to get your customers to keep one eye on your business as well as the time.


Shopping list or to-do list, making lists is a great way to keep organised and keep track of things we need to do that day. Keeping tabs on our daily tasks can’t happen without glancing back and forth at our notepads to tick things off as we go. Create brand awareness? Tick!

Set of pens


What goes hand in hand with a notepad? A pen of course! Pens come in handy every day; in your pocket, on your desk and in your bag, and they can prove to be most useful when keeping your thumb busy during boring business meetings. ‘Hey you, the one with the promotional pen in a striking design – stop clicking!’


An impromptu downpour during your lunch hour can be quite irritating, especially if you left your umbrella at home. Having branded umbrellas can be a saving grace – for both your consumer and your business. Let’s hope it rains more regularly so that with every shower, your company can act as their canopy.

rainbow umbrella concept

Shopping Bag

Speaking of saving graces, having a customised tote bag can not only give your company’s name a boost, but could also save them five pence. Talk about customer values!

Teddy Bear

Whether your customer is the sentimental type or not, you can’t go wrong by giving them a cute cuddly toy. People can’t bear to throw away something so adorable – and at least this way your company will be the last thing they think of at night. Sweet sponsored dreams!

At EMC, we provide promotional gifts for every occasion and for everyday use so your customers will keep you in mind. For any enquiries about our products feel free to contact us on 020 8492 2200, otherwise you can find us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages for regular updates.

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