Conference Time

Conferences are vital for any business, beneficial for collaborating ideas and drawing conclusions from your team of employees, or perhaps your clients. Choosing the right promotional gift to distribute at conferences can be difficult, remember to keep it relevant to your business, here are some useful ideas.

Promotional pens and notepads, a key element of any conference; it also encourages people to take notes and overall increase focused on what you have to say.

-Consider Flash drives, pre-loaded with the speakers notes could prove a handy little device. How and when you should distribute your promotional gifts during the conference?

For instance a great time to distribute notepads and pens would be directly after introducing yourself, this will ensure that they see you in a positive light because they’ll associate receiving a free gift with you, and ultimately make them more interested in what you have to say. The notepads and pens will also encourage them to take notes during the conference. A flash drive containing pre-loaded speaker notes would be invaluable to anyone at the conference; towards the end of the conference is an ideal time for the giving out the pen drives, as a conclusion, and as a parting gift. Another aspect of conference preparation to consider is colour. The power of colour is often overlooked, colour has been proven to affect mood, increase attention and even sway opinions. The colour of your promotional gift can say a lot about you as a person, or more importantly as a company. The colour blue has calm, comforting, trusting qualities, emotions evoked from blue. Think about your next conference, it could benefit greatly from an ideal combination of gifts and colour.

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