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The Weird & Wonderful: Why Unusual Promotional Gifts Work!

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Providing a lasting impact on your current and potential clients is the basis of all marketing and advertising techniques. Think back to the last time you received something for free – no matter who you are, there is an element … Continue reading

Season’s Greetings: Top 5 Festive Gifts from EMC

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November. December next. Is it that time of year already? Christmas is a time for giving, relaxing and enjoying your time with family and friends which is why EMC are here to make your experience, even more fun, pleasant and … Continue reading

Why Choose a Promotional Pen?

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At EMC we are passionate about providing the perfect promotional gift for your company in order to get you noticed! Whether that’s creating bespoke mouse mats or offering our high quality promotional pens, we work hard to make sure you … Continue reading

Tis’ the Season! Marketing for the Holiday Season

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Although the debate may still be raging about when it’s too soon to start thinking about Christmas, those of us in the marketing world know that when it comes to designing a tailored campaign it’s never too soon. The sooner … Continue reading

Brand It: The Weird, The Wonderful & The Completely Unique

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Sure, it’s a given that when you promote your brand – you’re going to have to do something a little better than your competition to get attention! In recent years, marketing strategies have become crazier, bigger and better than ever, … Continue reading