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Tips and Tricks for Hit Promotional Products

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Investing in a promotional gift for your business is always an exciting time, especially if you’ve done your research and chosen an item that your target audience is going to love.

Practical Promotional Products

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Practical promotional products typically experience a high rate of retention due to their innate utility. Whilst novelties may well soar in terms of popularity at a promotional event, statistics show that they are soon discarded once this originality has worn … Continue reading

Brilliant Idea Transforms USB Flash Drives

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Here at EMC, we have continued to expand our range of promotional flash drives to include the most portable and easy to carry devices available. We have drives that are credit-card-thin, for you to carry in your wallet, and drives … Continue reading

Doubling Up

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You may be a marketing wizz, or perhaps you are just starting up, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what “double” means. Several of these blog posts explain the tact behind promotional gifts, and others describe which … Continue reading

Use Promotional Products to Your Advantage

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Businesses cannot underestimate the advertising power that accompanies promotional products; they have a clear advertising affect, the memory of the product and the company it promotes is often long-lasting. Depending on a product’s relevance and enjoyment it can provoke strong … Continue reading

Conference Time

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Conferences are vital for any business, beneficial for collaborating ideas and drawing conclusions from your team of employees, or perhaps your clients. Choosing the right promotional gift to distribute at conferences can be difficult, remember to keep it relevant to … Continue reading

Give Something Back With Promotional Gifts

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Almost all the time, our products are used as a promotional method for a business allowing them to get their name out into the public eye with the express intention of creating more business for themselves. Many businesses however choose … Continue reading

Choose Useful Promotional Gifts

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It is undeniable that promotional gifts are an incredibly useful marketing tool. Thousands of companies around the world regularly make effective use of free gifts to promote their products and services.

Show Your Human Side, With Promotional Gifts

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Many businesses rely on the loyalty of their existing clients and a great way of rewarding that loyalty is with business gifts or corporate gifts. You may have had these clients for many years or just a few months or … Continue reading