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Why Your School Needs Promotional Products

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Promotional products are often found at the likes of exhibitions and fairs. They make great promotional tools to build the branding of your business and help make consumers aware of your services. But somewhere else that can really benefit from … Continue reading

The Ultimate Fresher’s Pack

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Can you believe we are already two weeks into August? The summer seems to have flown by and that means we are nearing September and a brand new academic year. There are many perks to being a university student, but … Continue reading

5 Great Promotional Products for Summer

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We might still be in spring but summer is just around the corner. This means you should start thinking about the promotional products you want to give away and advertise with in summer. Here at EMC, we’re prepared all year … Continue reading

3 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products

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We have talked repeatedly about the importance of using promotional products and why promotional gifts work – and even how seasons can affect your marketing efforts. However, it is easy to get into a rut with the way you use marketing … Continue reading

Are Promotional Gifts Tax-Deductible?

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According to research conducted in 2011 on promotional merchandise, 79% of the people surveyed said they’d probably do business in the future with a company that offered them promotional gifts. With such a clear link between them and business growth, taking advantage … Continue reading

Marketing for Kids in a Morally Sound Way

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The advertising market is full of different demographics; all of which have their own, specific, ways in which they should be advertised to. One of the most difficult markets to advertise to is that of children. There are a lot … Continue reading

Great Marketing Stunts and Why They Work

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Marketing can be hard work. Creating a successful campaign requires creativity and determination, and it can seem like a losing battle at times. Still, this is where reaching a large number of people works, because there’s always an audience there, … Continue reading

How to Hack the Starbucks Menu

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Any fan of coffee, latte and iced teas will know about the supposed ‘secret menu’ that will open up the wonders of Starbucks for mere mortals. But, the mere mention of this in store seems to only generate an exasperated … Continue reading

How to Promote an Event

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You’ve set up the venue, prepared your words carefully, and worn matching socks, but as you wait for your event to start you realise there is an unusual quiet in the air. No one has turned up.

Why Traditional Marketing Still Matters

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With an increasingly higher emphasis being placed on digital and online marketing, it’s easy to think that traditional marketing is not as important as it used to be. However, advertising through newspapers, magazines and TV is the perfect way to … Continue reading