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Turning Promotional Gifts into Your Business Card

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There is no denying that promotional gifts can have a huge impact on your marketing campaign, as they can be extremely effective in promoting your brand and business. They can also help you to make a lasting impression with those … Continue reading

Branding 101: Creating a Tagline

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Words, words, words… once you have a memorable company name and an appealing logo to go alongside it, you need to boost your brand’s profile with a catchy tagline that simultaneously sums up your mission and shows off your personality.

Why You Should Use Promotional Gifts in Your Office

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Here at EMC, we know the importance of giving promotional gifts away to your clients and customers. Not only are they a great way of getting your brand name out there, they also give you the opportunity to take advantage … Continue reading

In Sight, In Mind: Use Desktop Items to Grab Attention

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According to a 2011 study by the Promotional Products International Association, the most popular gifts to receive were those that were useful. The study, called “High End, Low End: Which Promotional Products work best?” found that it wasn’t the more … Continue reading

Why Promotional Mugs are so Incredibly Versatile

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Promotional mugs are part of the wide range of ‘practical’ promotional gifts that are almost guaranteed to succeed. People always need mugs, and so they are a fail-safe option for a promotional gift campaign that will, nevertheless, be exposed to … Continue reading

Practical Promotional Products

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Practical promotional products typically experience a high rate of retention due to their innate utility. Whilst novelties may well soar in terms of popularity at a promotional event, statistics show that they are soon discarded once this originality has worn … Continue reading


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The X Factor returned for a 10th season on Saturday night, with the judges drinking from coffee mugs produced exclusively by the team here at EMC, and it’s fair to say that the show had no shortage of drama! Simon … Continue reading

Fun Filled Training

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Team building and working as a team is essential for a successful and happy work place. When everyone works together, work is completed quicker and a business will succeed faster. People come and go from work situations, as this is … Continue reading

One Great Invention

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For those of us that are in the world of business, I think you will all agree we would be rather lost without our tea/coffee flasks to see us through the day. The beauty of our beloved flasks is they … Continue reading

Making an Impact at Trade Fairs

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Trade fairs are a great opportunity for businesses of all kinds to make themselves known to customers and within the industry. A trade show allows consumers the chance to try many different products and to test the products or services … Continue reading