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Promotional Gifts for the Winter Season

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Winter is not many people’s favourite season, and it can be a downright miserable time for a lot of us, especially here in the UK when the winter seems to last longer than all the other seasons combined.

The Power of Advertising Brand Recognition Outside the Office

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When most people think of promotional items, they probably conjure up images of pens, mugs, steno-pads and other office-related merchandise. There’s good reason for this: most companies still use these items as promotional gifts. However, it needn’t be that way. … Continue reading

Best Autumn Promotional Gifts to take to an Exhibition

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Summer has gone way too quick for us here at EMC. Thinking the same? While the sun may have gone into hiding for a while and the early darker nights are creeping in with the chill, there are also many … Continue reading

Kit Your Staff Out With Promotional T-Shirts

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Here at EMC, we supply promotional gifts so that, primarily, companies have something to give to their clients in order to create a lasting impression. However, even though giving away freebies is a time-tested way of getting people interested in … Continue reading

The Benefits of Promotional Clothing

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A popular form of branding that is used successfully in many different types of business is promotional and branded clothing. There are many different ways that promotional clothing can benefit the branding of your business and change the way that … Continue reading

Power to the T-shirt!

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There are few items of clothing as versatile or frequently worn as the good old T-shirt. You wear it when you’re hanging around the house, when you’re at work or play. If it’s a sufficiently attractive shirt, you’re bound to … Continue reading

Synergetic Products

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One word that has recently become part of the English language is synergy. It is a blended word created to describe part of the business world, but this word has evolved past all other business speak because it describes something … Continue reading

Casual-wear Stands the Test of Time

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The common driving factor of any successful company is integrated teamwork. If you can make your team function as one unit, your efficiency and your workload will improve dramatically. So when you’re thinking about some interesting corporate gifts this year, … Continue reading

Clever Clothing

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You may not realize the invaluable advertising power that accompanies promotional clothing. EMC provides such a wide variety of styles and designs that you will certainly find a look to suit your marketing needs.  Providing your employees with branded clothing … Continue reading

Why Choose Promotional Clothing?

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There’s no doubt that the use of promotional products reinforce company logos and increase the recognition of a brand. But why chose promotional clothing over other promotional gifts, such as pens or stickers which may be a cheaper alternative? Firstly, … Continue reading