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Protect Your Staff with Our Branded PPE

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Now that workplaces are opening back up and people are being encouraged to return to the office, you need to make sure that your staff feel safe to do so. It’s an unusual time for everyone at the moment. Some … Continue reading

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s a Teddy Bear!

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In May 2017 EMC Advertising Gifts was catapulted to new heights with the help of students at King’s Rochester Preparatory School. Using one of our Teddy Bears, a Go Pro, and a helium balloon, students sent Roffa The Bear nearly 20 … Continue reading

Kit Your Staff Out With Promotional T-Shirts

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Here at EMC, we supply promotional gifts so that, primarily, companies have something to give to their clients in order to create a lasting impression. However, even though giving away freebies is a time-tested way of getting people interested in … Continue reading

3 Top Picks for Spreading the Word About Your Brand

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Our last blog focused on the best promotional gifts to use when you’ve taken your business out and about to spread the message with customers face to face. Today we’d like to drill this idea down a little further, thinking … Continue reading

The Importance of Uniforms

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When it comes to establishing business identity, few things are as noticeable as the uniform. If you’re an employee, it plays an enormous part in how you feel about your job. A common complaint is that work uniforms are itchy … Continue reading

Fun Filled Training

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Team building and working as a team is essential for a successful and happy work place. When everyone works together, work is completed quicker and a business will succeed faster. People come and go from work situations, as this is … Continue reading

Clever Clothing

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You may not realize the invaluable advertising power that accompanies promotional clothing. EMC provides such a wide variety of styles and designs that you will certainly find a look to suit your marketing needs.  Providing your employees with branded clothing … Continue reading

Technology Can’t Beat Traditional Promotional Gifts

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New technology often presents new advertising opportunities. This was illustrated especially well by a trial that saw Bluetooth being used as an advertising medium by a branch of the fast food retailer Burger King located in Luton airport. A billboard … Continue reading

Promotional Gifts We Don’t Even See

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You don’t need to tell me about the importance of branding, but it is amazing how there are certain types and methods of branding we are now so used to seeing that removing them would make something appear seriously amiss. … Continue reading

Canvassing Promotional Gifts

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Last week saw the official request to dissolve parliament and so begin the long process of electing a new (or re-electing an old) government. Since then, local MPs and MPs in waiting have been hitting the streets of their constituencies … Continue reading