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7 Benefits of Attending an Exhibition

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Should you attend exhibitions? The clear, resounding truth is YES, you should. Exhibitions and trade shows can offer a wealth of benefits to your business and missing out on them may also mean missing out on great opportunities for growth.

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s a Teddy Bear!

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In May 2017 EMC Advertising Gifts was catapulted to new heights with the help of students at King’s Rochester Preparatory School. Using one of our Teddy Bears, a Go Pro, and a helium balloon, students sent Roffa The Bear nearly 20 … Continue reading

Top 7 Great Eco-Friendly Items to Boost Your Business

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  The issue of sustainability is not a new one, but there has been a rise in its popularity in recent years. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the importance of a more sustainable lifestyle and are, … Continue reading

Promotional Gifts That People Still Have After One Year

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Some promotional are used instantly, others are discarded, and others are kept and used on a regular basis. But how to make sure that your advertising gifts are kept by recipients? The key is to giveaway practical items that people … Continue reading

Best Autumn Promotional Gifts to take to an Exhibition

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Summer has gone way too quick for us here at EMC. Thinking the same? While the sun may have gone into hiding for a while and the early darker nights are creeping in with the chill, there are also many … Continue reading

Why is It Important to Market to Students?

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Fresher’s week is nearly here and we’re counting down to it! After all, we know just how beneficial it can be for your business to market to students, so it’s something we believe you should be doing. If not, there’s … Continue reading

How to Market to Students: Countdown to September

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September marks that time of the year where students are starting out university and, of course, when they’ll be attending the all-important Freshers Week. Freshers Week is always a crucial event for newbie students and to your business as well! … Continue reading

When, Where and How to Utilise Freebies

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This month, we’ve been thinking about just how great freebies can be as part of your marketing campaign. In fact, we have even gone so far as to suggest that by offering freebies, you can make money! So, you might … Continue reading

Fidget Spinners – A New Craze

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Every generation has experienced their own craze, from the Rubik’s Cube, to Pokémon cards, and even the humble yo-yo. For some reason, kids go crazy for these, often, simple items that end up being banned in the playground. For Generation … Continue reading

5 Great Promotional Products for Summer

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We might still be in spring but summer is just around the corner. This means you should start thinking about the promotional products you want to give away and advertise with in summer. Here at EMC, we’re prepared all year … Continue reading