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The Psychology of Promotional Giveaways

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At EMC Ad Gifts, we provide top notch products for our customers, whether they’re looking for promotional clothing, promotional laptop bags or travel mugs. Promotional gifts are an important aspect of many marketing strategies because of the way that they … Continue reading

Get Ready for Tokyo 2020 with Sporty Promotional Gifts

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This summer, the world’s biggest sporting event is taking place in Tokyo, Japan: The 2020 Summer Olympics! From Friday the 24th July to Sunday the 9th August, prepare to have your TV broadcasts dominated by Olympic events and watch as … Continue reading

How to Use Colour Psychology in Your Marketing

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The colours you choose in your branding and marketing has a profound effect on how it influences your customers. Colours help to create associations in the minds of the people who see your products or logo; they evoke certain emotions … Continue reading

Why You Should Use Gifts to Promote Your Online Business

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E-commerce businesses have a challenge when it comes to getting their brand in the public’s consciousness. As an online business, you have the advantage of no doubt being better equipped to take advantage of digital advertising. While brick and mortar … Continue reading

UK Festivals in 2020

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UK festivals are more popular than ever and are a fantastic way to promote your business with a stand of your own. Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival, is attended by around 200,000 people each year, but there are tons of … Continue reading

Top Promotional Items for Your Employees This Christmas

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With Christmas on the way – and the office Christmas party looming closer – you may be thinking about how to say ‘thank you’ to your employees for a year of hard work. If you’re considering giving them a gift … Continue reading

Attract More People to Your Exhibition Stand with Our Top Tips

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Exhibitions are crucial for any business owner and, when attending an exhibition, it’s essential that you stand out from the crowd and the competition. But how exactly do you go about getting noticed? Where do you even start when countless … Continue reading

Singin’ in the Rain: Advantages of Promotional Umbrellas

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With summer well and truly over, most businesses will be thinking ahead to the upcoming “rainy” season. With the UK known for being rather wet, especially during autumn and winter, it’s not hard to see why umbrellas are such a … Continue reading

What Are RFID-Protected Wallets and Why Are They Great as a Promo Gift?

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The recent news that the Bank of England was considering removing 1p and 2p coins from circulation reflects a seismic shift in the way that Britons pay for their goods.

7 Benefits of Attending an Exhibition

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Should you attend exhibitions? The clear, resounding truth is YES, you should. Exhibitions and trade shows can offer a wealth of benefits to your business and missing out on them may also mean missing out on great opportunities for growth.