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The Psychology of Promotional Giveaways

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At EMC Ad Gifts, we provide top notch products for our customers, whether they’re looking for promotional clothing, promotional laptop bags or travel mugs. Promotional gifts are an important aspect of many marketing strategies because of the way that they … Continue reading

What to Put in a Promotional Gift Bag

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Your promotional gift bag and its contents are an essential utensil in your marketing toolkit. Not only do promotional gift bags generate brand awareness and loyalty by rewarding your customers and clients, but they’re a cost-effective part of your marketing … Continue reading

Season’s Greetings: Top 5 Festive Gifts from EMC

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November. December next. Is it that time of year already? Christmas is a time for giving, relaxing and enjoying your time with family and friends which is why EMC are here to make your experience, even more fun, pleasant and … Continue reading

Top 5 Tasty Treats that Make the Perfect Promtional Gift

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Edible gifts are a fitting example of the appealing promotional product at its finest. While they may have a finite lifespan, they come with the benefits of being exceptionally affordable and super effective to reach almost any audience for any … Continue reading

Best Autumn Promotional Gifts to take to an Exhibition

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Summer has gone way too quick for us here at EMC. Thinking the same? While the sun may have gone into hiding for a while and the early darker nights are creeping in with the chill, there are also many … Continue reading

Should You Focus On Feelings?

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The economy is changing rapidly and polarising into two sorts of business; those that offer the cheapest access to a commodity product and those that offer a service (whether providing a product or a consultation).