Brilliant Idea Transforms USB Flash Drives

Here at EMC, we have continued to expand our range of promotional flash drives to include the most portable and easy to carry devices available. We have drives that are credit-card-thin, for you to carry in your wallet, and drives you can attach to your keyring, so that you always have access to your files where ever you are.

The alternative to USB Flash Drives is ‘Cloud’ storage from services like Microsoft Skydrive, Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. Unfortunately the storage space offered free of charge is usually limited to a couple of gigabytes; fine for storing some word documents, but very limited if you need to store pictures and media files. All of the cloud based storage solutions mentioned here offer upgraded storage – for a yearly or monthly subscription fee.

Now, thanks to a brilliant innovation, USB Flash Drives are sure to be more popular than ever before. A device known simply as ‘Plug’ allows you to attach a USB Flash drive to your home network so that anyone in your home can access files on it. If that wasn’t enough, there are apps to download for devices like iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices that allow you to access the files from anywhere via the internet. Perhaps best of all, you pay just once for your Plug device and your USB drive – there are no rolling subscription fees to pay.

Unfortunately ‘Plug’ isn’t available just yet. The device developers have smashed their target for funding from the Kickstarter development forum – raising 3 times their target amount in just 12 days. ‘Plug’ is sure to go into manufacture in the very near future.

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