Brand It: The Weird, The Wonderful & The Completely Unique

Sure, it’s a given that when you promote your brand – you’re going to have to do something a little better than your competition to get attention! In recent years, marketing strategies have become crazier, bigger and better than ever, and as a small scale business, you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to compete?!

Well, that’s where we come in! The answer? Promotional gifts, of course! From the wacky and the wonderful to the must-haves and the random – let us take you on a little tour of our slightly more out-there promotional pressies! Enjoy.

The Rubik’s Cube


Yep, give your customers something that will not only drive them mad, but will keep your brand in their hands (and their mind) for a long time! A cheeky gift like the Rubik’s Cube is pretty much going to be a hit with anyone, so if you’re looking for a gift with a long shelf life, and one that’ll get the right kind of attention – this little beauty won’t let you down!

Bang Sticks (BamBams)


Fancy promoting at a festival? Well look no further than our quirky range of colourful (and very fun) inflatable bang sticks. Seriously, they may seem a little random but what more would you want at a festival? It’s a promo gift that will definitely get used, and if you’re lucky – your brand may even appear on TV during those all impressive festival crowd shots! They’re also pretty cheap to purchase. Cool, eh?

Customised Monopoly


Everybody loves monopoly – it’s a given, but we’re pretty sure people would love monopoly more if they could design the board themselves. Look no further than our customised monopoly game – the must-have for any company that fancies giving their customer something that’ll not only impress, but provide hours of entertainment, this promoting your brand to anyone who plays it! We love this idea for a promotional gift, and we’re pretty sure your customer will love it, too! (As long as they’re winning, of course!)

So there you have it, when it comes to promotional gifts – we recommend the more unique the better! However, if you prefer more traditional methods, we also offer an extensive range of promo gifts including promotional mugs, pens and t-shirts. So, whatever your needs, we’ve got the perfect gift for you! For more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 170 7570 today!

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