Bottle Rocket

The problem with glass bottles is that they break, so we buy plastic bottles instead. The problem with store-bought plastic bottles is that they never seem to leave the house! Seriously, is it just me or do they seem to crop up everywhere? They either get thrown away immediately, used as a water bottle for a spell, or just gather dust in the kitchen. In this day and age, it’s important to be economical, so I prefer to re-use my bottles: it’s a common practice. This is why our promotional drinks bottles are so popular, because bottles are so incredibly useful, so why stick to a promotional drinks bottle and not store-bought?



According to this article by National Geographic, re-using store bought plastic bottles has been linked to the release of harmful chemicals. This is due to a chemical called BPA which has been under scrutiny by health officials since the early 2000s. All of our bottles are BPA free and safe for repeated use; just one of the reasons why using promotional drinks bottles is a better alternative, but what can it do for your brand?

It’s Life Gym

Promotional items are specifically designed around the things we use every day in order to increase the likelihood of being seen. I can’t think of anything more appropriate for sporting events or gym go-ers than a quality drinks bottle. Not only do they function much better than store-bought bottles, but seeing an actively fit person drink from a branded bottle can make a good impression on behalf of your brand. This is why Cola adverts always show a young man or woman at the height of physical fitness enjoying the product like their happiness is all due to Cola.

You will no doubt be aware of the importance of making a product aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also about how you are perceived by your target audience. It may sound quite contrived, but marketing to attractive young people who then use your product in public places is how big companies associate their products with that ‘buy this or you won’t be satisfied’ feeling.

Everyday Authority

Branded bottles are a great example of the aesthetic value in promotional products. It has to function well, offer something better than the competition, and draw in a desirable audience. Our promotional drinks bottles look stylish, contain no BPA, and as mentioned above, are generally for use in sporting events. Thinking about your target audience should be one of the first considerations when planning marketing, but it should really be a major consideration throughout the campaign.

Even the simplest re-evaluation of a product’s target audience can make a big difference: you just have to find the right angle.


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