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UK Festivals in 2020

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UK festivals are more popular than ever and are a fantastic way to promote your business with a stand of your own. Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival, is attended by around 200,000 people each year, but there are tons of … Continue reading

Does Your Brand Stand Out?

Posted in Branding

In the competitive world of business, your brand must make an impact over all the noise. There are close to six million SMEs in the UK, so you’re up against a lot of competition. With so many businesses vying for … Continue reading

Promotional Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day might seem like a world away, but when it comes to themed promotional gifts, timing is everything. Personalised gifts often require a lot of time for the orders to be completed. So, to ensure you don’t get left … Continue reading

Promotional Gifts for the Winter Season

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Winter is not many people’s favourite season, and it can be a downright miserable time for a lot of us, especially here in the UK when the winter seems to last longer than all the other seasons combined.

How to Cater Promotional Gifts to Your Clients

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When trying to decide what kinds of promotional gifts to buy, there are many different things to consider. You could decide based on the type of industry the recipient belongs to, or use their age as a factor, or even … Continue reading

Which Promotional Gifts are the Best for Your Industry?

Posted in Business Gifts

Promotional gifts are a fantastic way to raise brand awareness among consumers, but also to provide creative and unique gifts for employees that will make them feel appreciated in the workplace and give them a sense of pride for the … Continue reading

What to Put in a Promotional Gift Bag

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Your promotional gift bag and its contents are an essential utensil in your marketing toolkit. Not only do promotional gift bags generate brand awareness and loyalty by rewarding your customers and clients, but they’re a cost-effective part of your marketing … Continue reading

25 Days of Promotional Christmas Gifts

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It may only be September, but here at EMC Promotional Gifts, we’re always thinking ahead to the next big holiday. And what do we see on the horizon? Christmas of course! Believe it or not, if you want to guarantee … Continue reading

The Weird & Wonderful: Why Unusual Promotional Gifts Work!

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Providing a lasting impact on your current and potential clients is the basis of all marketing and advertising techniques. Think back to the last time you received something for free – no matter who you are, there is an element … Continue reading

Is Your Body Language Hindering You at Trade Shows?

Posted in Exhibitions

Actions speak louder than words. A huge part of how we communicate with others is not through our speech, but how we present ourselves whilst speaking. Body language is the non-verbal way we do this, and it can be all … Continue reading