Attract More People to Your Exhibition Stand with Our Top Tips

Exhibitions are crucial for any business owner and, when attending an exhibition, it’s essential that you stand out from the crowd and the competition. But how exactly do you go about getting noticed? Where do you even start when countless other booths are competing for attention? In order to stand out, you have to focus on being creative and offering something different.

Below, you can find some of the tips we’ve put together to help you bring your A-game to your next exhibition – and attract more people to your stand.

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Choose the Most Engaging Promotional Gifts

No one goes to an exhibition empty-handed; you’ve probably noticed that companies always give away freebies to attendees and it’s highly likely that you’ve received your fair share from exhibitors. So, there’s no doubt that you should be giving away promotional gifts; the question is, which advertising gifts should you take with you for the exhibition?

The answer is: the most popular, practical and engaging promotional gifts. After all, when you’re giving branded products away, you want to make sure people are actually using them and exposing others to your branding. Exhibition freebies also invoke a sense of brand loyalty and allow people to easily recognise your business.

Promote Before the Show

Creating a buzz around your exhibition before the show starts can make a big difference. You can join an online conversation with official event hashtags, engage with your audience online, offer discounts on products and services, create target ads on Facebook, promote any free stuff you’re planning on offering (like hot drinks) on social media or let everyone know where you’ll be at the exhibition, just to name a few ideas.

No matter how you choose to market your presence at the event, the most important thing is that you’re, in fact, generating interest in your stand before kick-off.

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Have Branded Signage

Anything that you showcase or give away during the exhibition – signs, posters, leaflets or merchandise – needs to be branded. After all, branded banners will allow you to be seen from afar and help attendees to quickly identify who you are as a business. Attracting the attention of potential customers and generating leads can be a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Don’t forget to add your company’s personality to your stand, too. Bland and boring just won’t do! There are several ways to achieve this, such as having all members of your team wearing matching shirts.

Be Creative

Doing the same thing as everyone else will not allow you to stand out. Being different is the key to drawing people’s attention and your options are nearly limitless. Some ways of standing out include showing a video demonstration, showcasing your products right there and then, or even creating a fun competition or game. Games offer a high degree of interaction with your audience; they’re also a fantastic way to attract and keep people’s attention and make them linger at your stand.

It’s likely that you’ll also want attendees to walk away from the exhibition with information about your products and services, as well as contact details. Brochures are often a good way of achieving this, although you may find that your competitors had the same idea too. So, how can you be different and stand out? An example would be to give away 3D brochures or even flash drives full of marketing information.

Offer an Inviting Space

It’s important that you create an inviting space that people will want to approach and spend some time in. An open stand with plenty of space and nice, comfortable furniture is a good way to go about it, especially if you also have a few power outlets or free Wi-Fi at your stand. Keep it simple as well, as a cluttered stand can make you look disorganised and keep people away.

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Network Efficiently

Networking is a vital element of any exhibition or trade show. It lets you connect with potential customers, create new relationships and develop existing ones. Simply offering a business is not enough to network effectively.

It’s also important that you research key people before the event and have a goal of what you want to accomplish (you don’t want to wander aimlessly across the exhibition floor). Attitude matters as well; so be open and energetic, actively listen to what people have to say and get the contact information of everyone you’re interested in forging a relationship with.

Exhibitions and trade shows provide great opportunities to grow your business, and our top tips can help you to make the most of them. For more advice on how to attract people to your exhibition stand and get hot leads, download our FREE Ultimate Sales Guide.

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