Are You Up to Speed with Lifestyle Marketing?

Another day, another buzzword – but although marketing talk can quickly descend into jargon, some good does come from having all these snappy phrases to describe the many different strings on a marketer’s bow: it makes it much easier to share information about important trends.

Today we’re dealing with lifestyle marketing, which can be particularly important if you’re a luxury brand. If that doesn’t apply to you, why not head over to our marketing master-post to find some tips that are more suited to your brand?

Marketing Inception

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Lifestyle marketing means inserting yourself into the world of your customers in a way that feels completely natural, essentially by sticking your brand onto products that are already a big part of their everyday life.

This can work online, using native advertising to insert promotional articles into blogs and websites that your customers are already frequenting, or it can be achieved offline – by ensuring that when your ideal customers carry out their daily activities, your branded products are there to help make it happen.

It’s Really That Simple?

Okay, so there are a few things to think about if you want to make sure that you’re pulling off lifestyle marketing in a convincing way. Customers can see through cynical attempts to simply associate your brand with other things that they love, so you need to try and actually engage with whatever it is that you’re going to be using to promote your brand.

One brand that has done this very convincingly is Rockstar Energy Drinks. Rockstar have defined themselves against sporty competitors Red Bull by focussing on an alternative audience of music fans and gamers. Gig-goers will often see Rockstar branding at events and festivals, subtly reinforcing the message that there’s only one energy drink brand for them!

What Does Your Audience Love?

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Instead of scattering your brand across a disparate range of different lifestyle options and hoping that one sticks, think about what they really love and work with that. A great example would be using a promotional golf umbrella, golf balls or other accessories to appeal to a wealthy retired market that tends to spend a lot of time out on the golf course.

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