And The Winner Is…

Over the weekend the award season was kicked off in earnest with the 67th annual Golden Globe awards. Host Ricky Gervais managed to offend and entertain in equal measure but it was the night’s award winners who got everyone talking, with many predicted to go on and hoist the equivalent award at the Oscar’s in a few weeks time.

Although the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is a world away from most people’s daily lives, every industry holds its own awards ceremonies to recognise the excellence and achievement of those within it. Whether you see them as a key motivational tool, a complete waste of your valuable time or an excellent excuse to get hammered for free, you can’t doubt their value as a promotional opportunity. Any awards received by your team or company make great slogans for promotional pens and other promotional gifts, even if they are handed out by a completely Mickey Mouse organisation.

Some larger firms elect to hold their own awards ceremonies, taking the opportunity to hand out anything from fancy corporate gifts to printed t-shirts to hard working employees and any clients they can rope in to the occasion. Even if the awards themselves mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, customers always remember the phrase “award winning”, and a bit of a knees up won’t do your employees any harm in dreary January either.

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