An Umbrella in Summer?

It’s a little difficult to get too excited about the summer when the sky is just as grey as it was in January, but every cloud has a silver lining. Bad weather doesn’t stop good promotion, and our selection of promotional umbrellas will provide a fantastic way to get noticed in all this gloom.


The great British summer seems to be breaking through in waves, but promotional umbrellas are useful no matter the weather. If you’re planning on travelling abroad this summer, our mini umbrellas are ideal both for protection against the elements, and advertising your brand overseas.

Summer in the UK usually consists of the beaches, gardens, BBQs and golf. The BBC’s Golf Calendar here will tell you all the dates of upcoming tournaments for all you golfing fanatics, and you can bet on spotting a number of promotional umbrellas in the crowd. In the midst of a big green field, you’ll be like a walking billboard, although the typical golfer’s attire attracts a large amount of attention anyway.

Picnics in the sun are another great summer tradition that you can use to your advantage. Pick a nice open spot, break out your branded umbrella and create your own shady spot in the park. Then when, typically, the sky opens up, you’ll be thoroughly prepared.

Finding that silver lining in each of your products is important for adapting to the seasonal market. Obviously items like promotional mittens are going to be substantially less popular in summer time, so shift your focus on to something more malleable. Some items stay in fashion all year so long as you adapt to the shifting market climate.


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