3 Top Picks for Spreading the Word About Your Brand

Our last blog focused on the best promotional gifts to use when you’ve taken your business out and about to spread the message with customers face to face. Today we’d like to drill this idea down a little further, thinking about the promotional marketing products which are the most effective for helping to spread your brand identity from person to person: stuff which gets seen, shared or talked about after you’ve actually distributed your products.

The idea is simple – you pass on your products to eager could-be customers, and then these products get seen by even more potential clients, resulting in the message being spread beyond the reach that you would have on your own. This cuts down on your hard work whilst still ensuring excellent results… but which products do the job best? Here are our top picks.

Unmistakable Umbrellas


Umbrellas are great because as soon as it rains, they’re going to get used. It really is as simple as that – there are few other items which you can be so sure are actually going to come in handy for the people you pass them onto. Well, we are in rainy old Britain after all…

Bright coloured brollies also stand out from the crowd on grey, wet days – ensuring that they actually catch the eye of passers-by. Ensure that your logo or business name is printed as well and the job is all but done!

Terrific T-Shirts

plaid shirt

T-Shirts are just a little trickier than umbrellas, but the pay-off is absolutely worth it. In this instance, if you want to be sure that people will actually wear what you give them, you want to avoid being too corporate; instead, aim for interesting artwork and catchy slogans, the kind of stuff which you see on tees that haven’t been designed as branded products.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that there is something about your brand on there or the message will be lost: just aim to make it funny, intriguing, or incredibly creative.

Fabulous Fridge Magnets

EMC magnet

When you think about it, it’s hard to imagine a fridge which isn’t covered by novelty fridge magnets. This is especially true for students, and for taxi firms, takeaways and other student centric services there’s no excuse for not having your branded fridge magnets plastered across student fridges throughout the country.

Here more than anywhere else it’s important to include contact details – this allows people to simply put your magnet up and have easy access to your details when they want to make an order, whilst simultaneously ensuring that your name is spread whenever their mates pop around.

Yep, It really is as simple as that – choose the write promotional product and ensure that the type of branding that you use matches the format. Ready to place your order or want more advice? Contact us today, online or at 0800 170 7570.

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