3 Business Benefits of Limited Product Promotions

Promotion is an essential part of any business, especially when it is planned effectively to market your services or products to your target audience.

Even large, well-established companies and brands must still promote their products in an enticing way to ensure that they are consistently reaching their target customers and make them want to continue to buy into their products and services.

One latest product promotion that is doing just that and has caught our eye is Cadbury’s Crème Egg café which is opening in London’s Soho for seven weeks. We all know who Cadbury are and already know what the Crème Egg product is like, so why is this limited product promotion necessary?

It Creates Customer Engagement Opportunities

Promoting your goods or services – whether it be through price drops, handing out free promotional products or even through promotional events – gives your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand in a positive way.

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With regards to the Crème Egg café, Cadbury are creating an environment where their customers can enjoy their product and engage with their staff, creating more up-sell opportunities, as well as enticing new customers to come and see what the Cadbury brand has to offer for a limited time.

It also gets people talking about your brand, especially if your promotion is unique to your business. Give them a reason to tell their friends and family about you, make your promotion attractive to them!

It Creates a Sense of Urgency

Having a limited time only promotion gives your target audience a motive to take advantage of the savings or free items while they can.

It’s almost as if you are helping them make the decision to buy into your product or service without actively forcing them to. They won’t want to pass up a good deal, especially if they don’t have a long time to take advantage of it.

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This is one of the reasons the Crème Egg café is making a big impression. With various different Crème Egg products on sale, consumers will want to make sure that they’re taking full advantage before the seven week promotional event is over.

These products won’t be actively available from Cadbury themselves after the event, so it will entice customers to buy into their Crème Egg product so that they can recreate and enjoy them at home later.

Sets You Apart from your Rivals

Your audience will want a unique taste of what your brand has to offer through your products or services. This will make you stand out from the crowd… and more importantly your competitors.

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Giving your customers an experience or a product that they can really value will ensure that your brand gets noticed, especially if the promotion is well thought out and timed perfectly so that your promotion caters to the needs and wants of your audience, and compels them to invest in your brand rather than another.

Cadbury have hit the nail on the head with their promotional event; have you heard of a branded chocolate product café before? We haven’t!

Promotions should never be an afterthought and rushed through just to make a little extra money for your business. Take some time out to plan your promotion out from start to finish and decide which route you’ll take; sale price drop, free promotional items of value or promotional event. Tailor your promotion to your target audience and get that all important engagement going!

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