2019 Special Events: Plan Your Promotional Items Now!

2019 is on the way. You might be very caught up in the distraction of Christmas looming closer, but if you want to get ahead of the game with your promotional gifts, you need to start thinking about next year now. Promotional gifts are a great way to show your employees you appreciate all of their hard work, and you don’t want your plans to be scuppered by not thinking ahead.

Personalised, custom gifts take time to produce, so if you want to make sure everything arrives in good time for those upcoming holidays in the new year, you need to think about placing your orders in advance. So, don’t get blindsided by all the festivities; here’s when you need to start planning your orders for 2019 as well as some or our top recommendations for those first key holidays of the new year.

Bringing in the New Year

When to Order

The likes of Valentine’s Day and Easter might seem far off, but in terms of custom orders, it’s recommended that you start thinking about these holidays now to avoid being disappointed. December is an incredibly busy month for pretty much every business, and a lot of staff will be taking time off. So, even though there’s more than two months from now until 14th February, placing your order as soon as possible will ensure you get your delivery within plenty of time for that romantic time of year.

At EMC, a typical time-frame we offer as a guide is two to three weeks from the sign-off of the final design of your product to delivery, which may seem like you have all the time in the world for Valentines and Easter gifts. But when you take into consideration that December is a bit of an anomality, you’re really only looking at your order being sorted in January, once everyone is back from the holidays.

So, it really is a good idea to think ahead. However, if you’re looking for printed greeting cards for Valentine’s Day or Easter, you’re only looking at a two to three-day delivery, so you can relax and have more time to think before planning your card orders.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday after Christmas and it will be here sooner than you know it. Here are some examples of loveable promotional gifts you can get from us:

Heart-Shaped Hand Warmer

Valentine’s Day might be synonymous with romance, but it still takes place in the coldest season. Your employees would really love and appreciate these heart-shaped hand warmers for those chilly days. Simply press the metal plate to activate the heart for instant heat, no batteries required.

Heart-Shaped Hand Warmer

Valentines Heart Tin

A tasty treat guaranteed to delight everyone in the office, our heart-shaped tin is branded on the lid in full colour and is filled with either your choice of red foil-wrapped chocolate hearts or Haribo Heart Throbs.

Heart-Shaped Tins

Valentines Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a great addition to any workplace, they are infinitely useful and always seem to be missing when someone is in dire need of one. With these adorable, heart-shaped sticky notes, your employees are certain to feel the love this Valentine’s Day and many more days to come.

Heart-Shaped Sticky Notes


In 2019, Easter Day will fall on the 21st April. April might seem like a million miles away right now, but when the busy start to the new year hits, you will suddenly find yourself overwhelmed and the thought of ordering promotional gifts for Easter may get pushed to the back of your mind. Be ready for Easter time with some of these Easter-themed gifts from EMC:

Easter Egg

The absolute staple of Easter and what every person, young and old, looks forward to every year: the Easter egg. You can order luxury milk chocolate eggs from us in a full colour printed box in a design of your choosing. They are available in 100g, 55g, 30g, and 18g. Unlike other promotional gifts, these eggs have a cut-off point for manufacture around three weeks before Easter, so make sure you order in plenty of time.

These eggs are the perfect Easter treat to delight your employees and get them in the spirit for the holidays.

Promotional Easter Egg

Easter Egg Carton

A fantastic way to get everyone in the workplace embracing their inner child: the Easter Egg Carton. These traditional style cartons, placed inside a full colour digital print card over-sleeve, contain six hollow, milk chocolate eggs in assorted coloured foils. Get everyone jumping around the office with an Easter egg hunt around the office.

Easter Egg Carton

Stress Easter Bunny

Work can be stressful for anyone. Take those stresses away with the help of a Stress Easter Bunny. Your employees or customers will love this Easter bunny-shaped stress reliever, which combines an element of fun with the practicality of relieving stress.

Stress Easter Bunny

Don’t get caught out trying to order your promotional gifts when it’s too late. Stay ahead of the game in 2019 by ordering your promotional gifts in December. At EMC Ad Gifts, we stock thousands of items that make the perfect gifts for upcoming holiday seasons.

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